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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Wine Time 9: Seagram Nine Hills Chenin Blanc

Rs. 415
12.5% alcohol

As we continue to clear the decks with bottles we've drunk recently, we come to the second of the Seagram's wines we've tried out.

It was a bit of a surprise -- I had it in my mind that chenin blanc was a very mild, sometimes almost watery wine. But this was a concentrated, quite sweet, slightly bubbly wine. It was tasty and fun. We completely randomly had it with masoor dal (yellow lentils with lots of spices), and that's not what this wine is for. As the label says rightly, it will "pair well with [light] salads and appetizers." Actually, we think its sweetness might not even work for many appetizers -- this would probably be nicest as a dessert wine, or something to sip with a biscuit. It would be a good wine to drink on most occasions when you'd be drinking champagne.

It's a solid 7.

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