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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Rice Pudding

I'm busy "researching" rice pudding to use up some of the rice that resulted from cooking Persian-style rice last night. The Wikipedia article on the subject cracks me up -- who knew there was so much to say about it? I don't agree that "Over centuries, the European recipe has been simplified, resulting in the modern dish often criticized for its blandness," simply because there are a million zillion recipes for it, some of them much more bland than others.

The Persian rice, by the way, turned out good, but because my pan wasn't that huge, the nice and crunchy coat on the bottom was smallish. It's definitely a recipe that's best with a monster pan.

UPDATE: So I ended up making this rice pudding, skipping the vanilla because I couldn't find it on the shelf (where'd it go?), and subbing a cup of fresh pineapple for the raisins. It turned out very good and non-bland.

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