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Friday, October 12, 2007

My Free Newspaper Prize

This morning around 7:30, when I always open the apartment door to leave out the garbage and pick up the two papers we subscribe to, I saw something small scuttle out of the pages and into the apartment. Oh great, I thought, now the monster cockroaches are using the front door rather than just coming up through drains and cracks in the kitchen tile.

But I followed it back into the apartment and the corner it ran to, and it wasn't another cockroach. It was a tiny gecko that had evidently either hitched a ride with The Hindu and The Deccan Herald or had been wandering the halls, looking for something to read.

Either way, I hope he finds reason to stay a while, unlike the others that appear once or twice and then disappear. I know I often bring up geckos, but can you blame me when they're almost beating down the door to come in?

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