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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Red, Purple, and Blue

Tomorrow we're off to Chennai for a week. Don's going to be working, and I'm hoping to have lots of time to see the sights, in between getting some writing done.

The above sign, on Richmond Road near its traumatic intersection with Brigade Road, is for Mid-Day a new, small-size afternoon paper that's starting a Bangalore edition. I think they've got their work cut out for them. In my part of town at least, in the Cantonment, newspapers are not easy to get your hands on -- I can only think of maybe five or so places that reliably have papers. They're definitely not being sold on every street corner. So I wonder who will be waiting to get their news in the afternoon? If they could sell it using boys in the street, I guess people stuck in trafffic are a good audience to aim for.

And not to get all Andy Rooney, but Mid-Day's web site is really irritating to use. Why do I have to download a big PDF file to see stories in their entirety?

(To explain the sign: Lal Bagh, literally "Red Garden" in Hindi, is a big botanical garden in town. Purple Haze is a pub that I suspect is cheesy, but I could be wrong. Bluetooth is the thing that was enabled on the fancy phone I bought and then quickly lost.)


Naveen Roy said...

Purple Haze is a pub, quite a famous one at that where you can listen to some good rock music....mostly stuff from the "Hair-Bands" days to some of the more mellow metal of today....stuff like Guns N Roses, Iron Maiden, Pink Floyd....and you can be sure that they always finish for the night with a Floyd or a Doors song!!

Tripp Hall said...

OK, that's it, I'm going.