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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Idly Vada and Dragonflies

So I was really happy with the five-hour Shatabdi Express train from Bangalore. It leaves at 6 am, which is not fun, but you do get into town and still have most of the day left. I took 2nd class chair, which means you have a reserved seat and they feed you (idly vada and lots of coffee. That's how we roll in South India). I've only taken first class on a sleeper train, but I imagine that on this train, first class consisted of more sucking up by the staff, possibly more elaborate food, a little area for groups of four people that you can call your own, and perhaps a short dance performance. OK, I'm sure there wasn't any dance performance, but wouldn't that be a cool amenity for an early-morning train ride?

First impressions of Chennai: yep, it's humid and hot, but not that bad -- I think they've had some rains to cool things down. And there are so many dragonflies in the air, huge ones, flying 10 stories up outside the hotel window. This would imply that there are also millions of flies and other bugs out there for them to eat.

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