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Monday, June 26, 2006

Presents from the PM

Saturday afternoon, I went to the foundation-stone unveiling ceremony for the Bangalore metro. It was held on the Police Parade Ground, between MG and Cubbon Road. The huge tent that was set up held maybe 2000 people. It was perhaps 75% filled -- it was difficult to estimate. The unveiling itself happened about 15 minutes in, but then it was time for speeches by the 16 or so dignitaries. So many speeches.

But it was cool to see the Prime Minister. Two unexpected (and therefore very thrilling) benefits of attending were the rose I got on entering, and the shiny gift box I got when I left. Inside was a cupcake, some cashews, Mysore Pak, and a Frooti, a super-sweet mango drink. All on the Indian taxpayers' dime, I assume.

A very good gift bag. It might have been even more fun to get the box before the speeches of the dignitaries, but I can imagine how it would have gone down -- cupcake wrappers on the ground, Mysore Pak and cashews being swapped right and left, spilled mango juice, hurt feelings, chaos.

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Anonymous said...

Followed the technorati link to here. What an interesting site you have here.

I was reading archives for the past half an hour. Looks like you are having a wonderful touristy time in India.

If you have any doubts about recipes, don't hesitate and feel free to contact me at my blog. Have a fun time in Bangalore and thanks for linking me.