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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Leh Is Very High Up

Wow, that altitude adjustment is no joke. We flew into Leh very early yesterday, and spent the first five hours at the hotel doing little more than sleeping. (I also enjoyed reading the same chapter of A Suitable Boy over and over.) And also, we had to pee a lot. Is that part of the altitude adjustment too? Someone please tell us if it's the Himalayas or just nervous bladders.

Anyway, today was great -- we walked up to the dilapidated Leh Palace, climbed up four rickety ladders, managed not to fall off the hill, and got some great views of the town below. Later that day we climbed up higher, to a gompa (temple) that was closed. And then we got lost in a village and its barley fields. Good times.

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Anonymous said...

John, i love this website. The only website by a westerner that does not talk only about the bad/ugly/poverty stuff about India, but actually experiencing the life. I love it.