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Monday, June 05, 2006

Off to Leh

We'll be out of commission this week as we head up to Leh, in the Himalayas. We're flying instead of taking the road, a journey which everyone says is breathtaking (but scary). Only one of the two highways to get there is open yet -- snow's the problem. Leh itself is a desert; it gets just few inches of rain a year. And very little oxygen! The first day or two, you can do very little as you get used to the thin air. The Fodor's guide advises taking (among other things) a "thick novel." I'm taking the farcically large A Suitable Boy, so that's covered, but what I'd really love to have with me is a Playstation 2.

I won't need it for this trip, but British Airway's tips on avoiding jetlag will come in handy for the trip back to the States. If nothing else, following the super-specific advice about when to avoid the sun, when to be awake, etc., will provide lots of distractions. [Via Gridskipper]

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