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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Times (of India) Responds to Iran Prez Attack

A Times of India article today gets very hopped-up over the unwarm welcome given to the Iranian "prez" at Colombia University a couple days ago (Can't find it online, sorry. Click here to go to the whole thing.)

I'm not sure if it was picking on Ahmadinejad per se that was the problem, or whether it was just the fact that the U. was so stuck on inviting him and then they picked on him, but for the Times, this was a case of a head of state being "publicly humiliated" with an "ad hominem attack" by a "partisan academic who was to have welcomed him." Anyway, the article made me laugh -- the line about Bollinger "winding up with a gratuitous flourish, as Ahmadinejad looked on" is great. If only Bollinger had had a mustache to twirl at that point! Those academics, man, they'll getcha with their fancy talk.

And where were the good insults? "You are either brazenly provocative or astonishingly uneducated" is pretty thin gruel, in the grand scheme of things.

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Goutham said...

If he is so abhorrent then why invite him? It was almost as if the columbia university president had to outdo himself in humiliating his guest as an atonement for inviting him! While I agree that his (Iranian Prez's) remarks about Holocaust goes against all available evidence - he has a right to his views however misguided they may be. His views on Israel is not surprising at-all. Sometimes I'm astonished at the naivete of the average American in understanding the anger of the rest of the middle east (and if i may add, most of the rest of the world) against Israel. America pays for this blind support for israel - We then wonder why the rest of the world "hates" us! The news organizations here even have created a fantastic view of "They hate our freedom" - what a load of BS! Sorry, none of this is in anyway directed against your post, I'm just venting my frustration!