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Friday, September 14, 2007

Indo-Portuguese Museum

Here are a few things I loved at Cochin's Indo-Portuguese museum, which is on the grounds of the Bishop's House. Its exhibits are mainly drawn from things in churches in the area.

Old-fashioned door lock. I believe that the left part is supposed to be styled after Shiva's trident.

Jar with the all-seeing eye, which also appears on dollar bills. I guess it's called the Eye of Providence. I wish I saw more of it.

A ceiling-sweeper made of straw (I think) and bamboo. Not an exhibit, but interesting.

A 19th-century hymn book.

Angels, I think made for an altar.

A chapel, I believe. Part of the Bishop's house.


Cheryl Snell said...

Beautiful blog! Nice to meet you. Freia L. recommended I check you out--India is the subject for much of my writing.

Happy Ganesh Chaturti...

Tripp Hall said...

Thanks, Cheryl (and Freia L.!) -- glad you could stop by.