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Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Craziness of Z Studio

I love and hate Zee Studio, a English-langauge movie channel here. Their programming seems to have little rhyme or reason -- at least none that I can find. Why else would they follow a completely depressing Serbian movie involving Down syndrome, murder, and suicide by one of the Santa Clause movies, as they did today? A while back I think it was Zee Studio that treated us to Bluebird, another depressing European movie involving learning disabilities. There was bullying in that movie as well as the Dutch language, but no death.


Anonymous said...

welcome to the essential indian concept of "masala" :) No India without Masala lol

Tripp Hall said...

Yeah, Z studio definitely has the masala concept down. I'm all for masala, except for masala cokes. I try and try, but just can't love them.