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Friday, February 17, 2006

No tansas tangas, no bullocks, no pushcarts

Here's a sign near a big intersection on Cubbon Road. Tansa evidently means horse or horse cart, but I couldn't find much on the web. (Update: That's because the word is actually "tanga" -- see comments.)

The covered wagons, which are drawn by small, perky horses, are often painted with flowers and other designs -- I'll try to get some examples. Both the tansas tangas and the bullock carts are used for hauling cargo like pipes, vegetables, stones, etc. I'm not exactly sure why they're outlawed on Cubbon Road. It is a wide, divided road, so maybe cars want to be sure to be able to go fast. In the background you can see a couple autorickshaws speeding away.


Anonymous said...


It is not Tansa but Tanga.


Anonymous said...


I know somebody that's either in Bangalore or Goa (or both, as I think her family has property in Goa but is from Bangalore). Her name is Sylvia Kerkar. She's a potter. Very fun person to know. If she's still there, you should try to find her and impose yourselves (she's outgoing). How many potters named Sylvia can there be in Bangalore?

I've been trying to get back in touch with her. If you happen to run into her, please tell her to email me at:

heathen (at) gmail (dot) com .

Tell her I worked with her in Mexico City.

I am blogging at Google-search "9662 rock the casbah blogger" (do the search without quote marks). I'm trying to keep it fairly anonymous.

I'd also love to know more about your employer. I am working in the Middle East as an editor and would someday consider relocating to India -- not anytime soon, but before I consider returning to the USA, where I'm from.


The Rock the Casbah Blogger

Tripp Hall said...

Thanks, Mahesh and Bangaloregeddon! I'll fix.

Anonymous said...

Actually it's Tongas not Tangas