Two New Yorkers spend six months 18 months!?! in Bangalore and other places in India.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Birds in the Morning

We've been In Bangalore just about a week now. One of the advantages of the 10-1/2 hour time shift forward is that it's been very easy to get up early. Of course, we might have had to get up early anyway, given all the birds that start calling around 5:30. The crows and the chickens are loudest and easiest to pick out -- I have no idea yet what noise the other common birds here make yet, but together they make a lot of it. As far as appearance, the little green parakeets get bonus points for cuteness, but it's the kites, constantly circling and looking for something to eat, that are really worth staring at. There are also pigeons here, but a whole lot less than in New York, probably because of the kites and similar birds. I'd love to take some of them back with me and see them go to town.

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