Two New Yorkers spend six months 18 months!?! in Bangalore and other places in India.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Never Asked Questions

These were going to be called Frequently Asked Questions, until we realized that they hadn't been asked yet. Anyway, we'll keep coming up with questions and answers when we think of it.

Why Are We Here? What are we doing?
From late January through July, Don will be consulting with the copyediting department of a British publisher, which has a branch in Bangalore. To join him and to write about a place undergoing so many changes, John quit his job as a travel editor but continued talking in the third person. He'll be writing about the place and doing freelance writing and editing (resume definitely available on request). For your entertainment, he'll also be trying to do some simple South Indian cooking -- with any luck, hilarity and a big mess will ensue.

Sick days from the water, food, weak stomach, fear of monkeys,
As of 11 February: None yet!

Number of monkeys seen so far?
As of 11 February: Just one, and he was little. Bangalore turns out to not actually have that many. Heh. But we'll definitely find the ones that are here.

Where are you living?
The job came with an apartment. It's in what seems to be a central part of town, with the New Indian Express newspaper's office at one end of the street, and a Le Meridian and a golf course at the other. There are still lots of broken sidewalk and rundown storefronts in between.

How many rupees in a dollar?
We always estimate it at 40. So 500 rupees is $11 or so. You can use this Google search for an exact quote.

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