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Monday, December 03, 2007

Calcutta et al

So as we continue our attempt to see a few more of the places we didn't reach yet, we're heading off this morning to Kolkata, Darjeeling, and Gangtok. Our friend Katherine just flew in from the states yesterday for this trip. In Kolkata we're looking forward to College Street and its many streetside books, Bengali fish, and of course over-the-top British Raj monstrosities, I mean monuments. So I'll try to write in a couple posts this week, but otherwise we'll be back in Bangalore next week.


Cindy/Snid said...

Enjoy your trip!

Goutham said...

In calcutta try to make it to the Botanical Gardens and Belur Math (Ramakrishna Ashram HQ). Try to go to Howrah station during rush hours (8:00am to 10:00am) - You will literally see a sea of humanity (i havent seen such crowds even in B'bay) Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

This is sweet. Had no idea you were doing this until Carol N in Delhi told me. Great photos. Excellent advice, particularly about monkeys, which are numerous on Varick Street in NYC. I now carry a large stick and also bear my teeth, mostly on the No. 1 train. How was Kolkatta?

Anonymous said...

Keep warm in Darjeeling! BluePoppy

Binu Paul said...

Thought you might find this interesting.. Calcutta's underground industry..

Sourav said...

Happened to catch your blog as I was searching for Hampi.

Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) is my home town but I am residing in Bangalore.

If you are a food lover then do not miss following specialities from the city:
1. Misti Doyi (Sweet Yogurt)
2. Rosogolla
3. Sandesh
4. Chicken-Egg combo Rolls in Park Streets.

There are many good restaurants in Park Street.

You can also take a boat (ferry service on Hoogly River) to SriRamaKrishna MaTh (spelt with stong 'T').

All the best!

Tripp Hall said...

Binu Paul: Thanks for the article about the illegal trafficking in human remains. I know the author of the article, Scott Carney, a bit, and I think he's doing a really good job highlighting this and similar abuses.

Sourav: Arrrgh -- we had no time to stop for sweets in Calcutta, which I admit may mean that we didn't plan well. Anyway, I've had misti doi at K C Das on Church Street here in Bangalore -- how does that compare to the one at the source? (never tried Sandesh, but K C Das surely has it, right?)

Am also sad about not getting katti/calcutta rols while in the city itself. Also, I have to admit I've never been able to love rosogollas, but maybe having one at the source would have changed my mind.