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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Bangalore Gloom

All is gloom in Bangalore today. It's rainy, cold, and gusty. It looks like this:

OK, that's really Minnesota from a couple weeks ago. But here in Bangalore it feels very damp and cold all the same. Everyone who had a sweater or something similar had put it on. And just about everyone seemed a little down in the dumps. On the other hand, my auto-rickshaw driver kindly agreed to slow down a bit near the post office so that I could jump out, put the first batch of my Late January cards into the postbox, and then get back in the rickshaw for the rest of the ride home, all without really stopping.

Do you celebrate with Late January cards? They're exactly like those for Christmas, except they're more surprising, coming as they do three to four weeks after the holiday they celebrate. Try it sometime -- you'll be glad you did.

Which brings me to the free offer. Anyway one sends their address to bangaloremonkey at gmail dot com will get added to this year's Christmas Late January list. We reserve the right to cancel this offer as soon as our hands start hurting or we run out of Scratch and Sniff stamps, whichever comes first.

1 comment:

Cindy/Snid said...

Oh yes- I tend to send Late January Cards as well- sometimes even Late February ones! Although there are some family members who think I am being anti holiday like- to them I just say "pfffft" (and am then inclined to take them off my list!)

No card for me. I don't even know what my address will be come Late January... somewhere in Bangalore...