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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Lalbagh Flower Show

This time we got our act together and made it to the flower show, held at Lal Bagh, the botanical garden here. The show's held twice a year, the week before Independence Day (tomorrow) and Republic Day (in January), and perhaps because it's so regular, there are not many announcements about it. To everyone else, I think, it's really obvious when it's about to occur.

Anyway, the show is held mainly in Lalbagh's big Victorian-style glass house , and in addition to lots and lots of flower varieties, there were big sculptures made of flowers -- the centerpiece was one of the Taj Mahal. And then there was the space shuttle.

But the best part, even better than all the incredible flowers and the good, clear non-monsoonish weather we lucked into, was the people-watching. Unlike most flower shows in the states, this attracts lots and lots of people, and it seemed as if every student in the Karnataka was there.

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