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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Action Without Vision Is a Nightmare

Another day, another press release:

Read between the characters of Queen of Crime-Agatha Christie as it comes in a new avatar! Euro Books, India’s largest Children Publishing House presents the entire collection of Agatha Christie in graphic novels format.

They say that Vision without action is a daydream and action without vision is a nightmare, now read these action-packed crime stories in an attractive captivating format! Also, Euro Books is the pioneer to come up with crime thrillers in graphic novels format in India.

While Agatha Christie’s novels have been hugely popular with generations of Indian readers, the new format of Graphic Novels is just what today’s Gen Next kids would lap up. Millions of kids and teens across the world find these stories are brought to life by lively sketches and make a better read than the traditional novel format.

These books are available across all leading bookstores in India, individuals priced at an M.R.P of Rs 199/- and the pack of 3 at M.R.P of Rs.450/-.

Bookslut says a bit complacently that "no one's going to read these things anyway," but I doubt the good folks over there know how much acreage Dame Christie's paperbacks take up in the average Indian bookstore of any size. I'm guessing a few parents who want to get their kids into reading something will think (probably wrongly) that Miss Marple would be a good means to that end.

The publisher's managing director, at least, would like to get a Christie-as-Literature theory started: he "thinks that Indian children should be invited to read classic titles such as Agatha Christie so that they have knowledge of the past in terms of good writing."

Next up, the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew: more here.

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Cindy/Snid said...

Actually this looks like something that my 14 yo daughter would love:)

She loves mysteries and is a huge fan of the Manga graphic novels. Since we are going to be moving to Bangalore in about January I'll let her know about them.

Personally I would rather read the originals, but this is a different generation it seems.