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Friday, August 31, 2007

Holy Water Turned Away at the Gate

USA Today's blog post about holy water getting confiscated at the Lourdes Airport brought me back to our trip from Varanasi. I'd brought a filled-up plastic water of Ganges water in my carry-on for a friend back in Bangalore. Usually Indian airport officials are a little . . . lax about that whole no-liquids-on-board thing, but this time they were tough and by-the-book. It may have had something (everything) to do with the politicos and their well dressed families that got to cut in line in front of everyone else.

Anyway, unlike the guy mentioned in the Lourdes story, I declined to drink my own holy water.


Anonymous said...

Yikes! You drank the water from the Ganges, unboiled, unfiltered. You do know what floats in that river around Varanasi don't you? Unless you got the water from the source of the Ganges.

Anonymous said...

Well on reading the post again after I commented, I see you declined to drink the holy water. Well, I guess, it's time to lay off the Shiraz.