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Thursday, March 08, 2007

More Wats

The next day we went to Wat Arun, a temple that was handily right across the river from our room -- you could see it from the upstairs part of our really cool hotel room. We took a boat across the river: a very quick trip.

As you can see, the central tower is mammoth up close:

And all those brilliant designs are made from broken-up china:

After Wat Arun, we took a taxi south to Wat Prayun, a temple with a great sideline: a pond full of turtles that can be fed. The grounds of Wat Prayun itself were busy with 100s of monks all listening to a lecture, so we didn't nose around too much.

Here's one of the snappers eating a banana on a stick. Buying a plate of over-ripe bananas and a stick was one of the best 10 baht I spent in Bangkok.

Surrounding the pool is a manmade hill with a steps that lead to a Reclining Buddha shrine. The lights inside gave it a nice eerie glow.

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