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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Math is Hard

Math Is HardDon and I loved this totally complicated sale going on at Kalpana, a local clothes shop. According to the ad, women who walk in wearing the official International Women's Day colors can get up to 9% off -- 3% for each color worn. I don't know who judges whether or you're wearing purple or just dark blue.

And then the confusion starts, because you get a bigger discount based on your age, should you "dare to bare" it. You have to add up the digits in your birth date. If I were a lady, for instance, I'd get a total of 30% off (27 Feb. + '73 = 21, + 9% for the green, purple and white outfit I'd scrape together).

What I love is that the discount is totally random -- it's not as if there's any pretense about giving you a bigger sale if you're older.

Those lucky girls born on 29 Sept. 1999 are probably in high demand as dressed-up shopping "friends" today -- but their sisters born the next year are being ignored.

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