Two New Yorkers spend six months 18 months!?! in Bangalore and other places in India.

Sunday, March 04, 2007


The past couple days have been a slow process of flying from Cambodia to Bangkok to Chennai, which is where we arrived this afternoon. Tonight we're probably going to visit Pondy Bazaar and buy some clothes -- after all that running around, most of our stuff is dirty and dusty, and it will be another couple days before we can get it all washed.

Tomorrow Don's going into the office a bit, we're picking up more luggage there, and then flying to Delhi. This time, we're staying in the thrillingly titled "East of Kailash." Kailash is where Shiva lives, but in this case we'll presumably be near the "Greater Kailashes", of which I think there are three: GK 1, 2, and 3. But maybe there are more, and maybe "East of Kailash" is WAY east. Hopefully all will become clear once I can get my hands on a street map.

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