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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

On the Treadmill

When we first went to India, I thought that somehow I'd magically lose weight. Maybe I thought I'd get sick for a while (nice, huh?). Maybe I thought that because most Indians, at least the younger ones, are skinny, this would somehow rub off on me. But it definitely didn't happen. So for about 6 weeks before we left Bangalore and again now that I've been back, I've been going to the gym.

I suppose like most Westerners, I first toyed with doing yoga or something here. But then I had to be honest: I'd rather have some abs and a lot less weight rather than still more serenity and inner beauty (I have too much already!). So off I go to the gym each day, sweating and lifting and running and drinking endless glasses of water, all the while listening to horrible dance music.

The below video has made the rounds, but I just have to post it since it so completely shows just what my gym routine is NOT like:

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SeriouslyNoWay said...

I haven't joined a gym yet but I get what you're saying about losing weight. Some of my friends lost weight when they got sick. So far I've been in Bangalore 3 weeks and still as fat as ever. However, I'm being rather adventurous with the eating so I'm sure my time is around the corner.
Enjoy Bangalore. I'm sure I've seen you around.