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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Early Morning Wedding?

Well, if it's about 8 am on Wednesday, it's probably time for a parade with a band and a horse-drawn carriage! At least it was this morning, on our street.

I'm guessing this was a bride on the way to her wedding, along with an attendant. I wish I had a better idea what she was holding. And I wish I had a better shot of all the flags the band and marchers were all carrying. If anyone out there can help fill me in, I'll be in your dept.

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Deepa said...

Unlikely that this is the bride. The last thing an Indian bride would do is ride a horse carriage in the early hours of the morning parading her face to the world :)

Besides, in Indian weddings, only the groom arrives on horseback.

More likely, these are Jains, and one of them - the older lady perhaps - is just about to begin life as a lady monk, so they are going on a last journey in finery, there will be an elaborate ceremony later where the monk will renounce worldly goods, shave her head, and adopt an austere white.

Several other explanations are possible as well.