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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Goat Achieves Immortality

C215 - Indian Goat, originally uploaded by C215.

Hey, I'm really late with this, but remember that funny goat from long ago? Well, it got turned into a stencil by a street artist. Pretty cool, huh?


Anonymous said...

Hi, I came across your blog while researching wine in Bangalore. I've had wine in a few places here and I was disappointed with what I got (i tried Seagrams Nine Hills and Sula Chevignon Blanc). Could you suggest a good wine that complements Indian food?

Tripp Hall said...

Hi Tia, well you've seen my various wine reviews, right? The Indian wine market has been changing so much that your best bet is to buy wines from stores regularly and see what you like. Wineries that were once lousy have been known to improve.

Also, I don't know if there is one wine that would work with Indian food -- there are so many different dishes, and so many spices.