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Thursday, July 19, 2007


Today I went to Malleswaram, a neighborhood northeast of where I live, to check out the Villa Pottipati and the ISKCON (aka Hare Krishna) temple. Although Malleswaram is not so very far away, I had only gone through it a couple times. Besides the temple, there aren't really any touristy sights there, and I really hadn't had any reason to go. But it does seem like a very cool, laid-back middle-class, traditional area, and it was fun to go for a short walk around.

Lots of smaller temples here and there, lots of fruit and flowers and other things being sold from carts or literally on the side walk, and people mostly walking everywhere (rather than in auto-rickshaws or cars or on cycles). It was noticeably quieter, with lots fewer trucks and cars and honking. And very little English heard on the streets, although I imagine many people know it.

One thing I know it's famous for is the traditional South Indian food, such as dosas. I ate at a random place near the Villa Potapati that was good but not worth a special trip. Have to return once I have a better sense of where to head to.

And this recently discovered temple also sounds like it's worth a trip.


Anonymous said...

Malleswaram is not a middle class area...It's one of the most expensive areas in Bangalore. Many popular people like CV Raman's house, B Saroja Devi live there.

Anonymous said...

Ohh forgot to mention...Deepika Padukone and Aamir Khan's wife, Kiran Rao live in Malleswaram too

Coorg said...

thanks for the post on malleswaram. i can say this place is one of the standard area in bangalore. this is best for shoping. And sarayu also given some information on malleshwaram.