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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

From Springfield to Bangalore

We were so excited to hear that Homer Simpson paid a visit to India on last Sunday's episode (thanks, Alex!). Mr. Burns outsourced the entire nuclear plant to Bangalore, and Homer won the toss to be the one employee to be transferred and not fired.

The Simpsons don't play here in India, but through the magic of the internets, we were able to see what our temporary town looks like when filtered through cartoon magic.

Homer got into trouble right after landing, when a cow took his iPod.

The real streets have a lot more rickshaws and and fewer people. Is that Kemp Fort across the street?

If the Taj Mahal had become part of a nuclear plant, would it cost less or more than it already does to visit? (And no, the Taj is nowhere near Bangalore.)

In the end the plant was outsourced back to Springfield, and there was still time left for a dance number.

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