Two New Yorkers spend six months 18 months!?! in Bangalore and other places in India.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Easter Dinner

On Easter, I was feeling a little homesick and wanted to find some sort
of vaguely Eastery food. The Only Place, an old-school sort-of steakhouse,
seemed like the best choice by far -- they'd even hung up over the
street a banner advertising their Easter dishes. It included mutton
biryani (a kind of rice casserole). Not my idea of Easter, but it
definitely sounded good.

The Only Place made for good people-watching -- a lot of expat
westerners, and also many rich-seeming Indians. At the table next to
us, a family of eight or so was ordering steaks for all -- I was
impressed. Don and I both got the Easter special, which was turkey,
mashed potatoes, stuffing, and vegetables. And our own gravy boat full
of gravy. Admittedly, this special brought to mind Thanksgiving more
than Easter, but we were grateful for it.

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