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Monday, September 25, 2006

Breaking Bollywood News

This blog will be out of retirement soon, but in the meantime I just found out via Sonia Faleiro that the Bollywood star and illegal deer-poacher Saif Ali Khan has been filming a movie with Rani Mukherjee just a mile or two from Bangalore Monkey current headquarters (the couch). Sonia reprints the New York Post's Page 6 coverage:

Bollywood bad boy Saif Ali Khan has brought his troublemaking act to the Big Apple, squabbling with his co-star during the shooting of his new film on the Lower East Side and irritating the staff at the Madame X lounge. Khan, the son of a famed cricket king and Indian screen siren, is facing charges of poaching an endangered deer in his native India and has a reputation for doing as he pleases. He and the crew of his new film, "Tara Rum Pum Pum," have been shooting on Orchard Street by day and living it up by night. Khan and his fetching co-star, Rani Murkerjee, have reportedly asked their producer for rooms at separate hotels so they don't have to see each other off the set. The other night, the hunky millionaire and some pals stopped in at Madame X on Houston Street. A bartender there said Khan copped an attitude while throwing back shots of tequila and downing rum and Cokes. "He acted like he owns this joint," said the barkeep."

My knowledge of Bollywood is still sketchy, but I know enough to wish it was John Abraham in our fair city instead. (Photo of Khan and Mukherjee from Bollywood Blog.)

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