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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Mangoes in Mumbai

Eaten-up mango
Today the New York Times is all over Indians' big, big love for mangoes, especially for the tasty and expensive Alphonso (it's the remains of a cheaper version pictured above). When we flew to Mumbai last month, we got a hint about mango popularity before we even left the airport. Several small boxes of Alphonsos were circulating on the airport's conveyer belt along with the luggage. I'm not sure why anyone was bringing mangoes to Mumbai, because there were loads and loads in Crawford market, as the article shows.

I'm also not sure why the reporter paid so much for his Alphonso mango, but what do I know? I bought six of them for 70 rupees, and took several with us when we moved on to Delhi. The owner of the Delhi guesthouse we were staying at took one look at them and said that they didn't look very good at all. So much for my fruit-picking skills. They tasted great to me. More research is needed.

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