Two New Yorkers spend six months 18 months!?! in Bangalore and other places in India.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Delhi Belly Strikes

Well, Air Deccan did all right by me, with a flight that came and went on time. An amazing lack of legroom, and you had to buy even your coffee on the flight, but it worked out OK. The most entertaining part was staring at the mosquitoes circling around me and everyone else at Bangalore airport. They're not nearly as lively as North American mosquitoes, but they are persistent.

Don had a semi-bad arrival. His flight was delayed by 5 hours because of another plane's mechanical problems. (There's only one runway at Bangalore.) He got in at Saturday night, and then we went out for Chinese. He was very sick for all of Sunday. It's not clear if it was something he ate or not, since I was fine. Anyway, he's on the mend now, and going into work for a half-day.

We're at a very moderate hotel in South Delhi, which is way the heck away from most touristy places. I'm writing this using the hotel's slowish dialup, and will soon be off in search of WiFi.

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